Original Paintings by Jan Thompson

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Pony Girl

18x24 Pastel

$995 (SOLD) available as print

Shallow Creek Spring

18x24 Pastel





Road to Red Mountain

20x24 Pastel

 (SOLD) Available as a print

Tug O War

20x24 Pastel


Ladies of Autumn

9x12 Pastel( Sold, available as a print)


Fall Guy

11x14  Pastel

$595(sold, available as a print)

Midsummer Moon 

16x20  Oil on board

$1025(sold) available as print

Spring Blush


Oil on canvas


Canyon Spotlights

18x24 Pastel

(SOLD)available as print

January Fire  

18x24 pastel

$965(Sold available as a print)



18x24 oil


Oak Creek Afternoon

11x14  Pastel


Springtime Lodge 12x16



Freemon's Ranch

11x14 Oil

(SOLD)available as print


Sonoita Passage

11x14 oil

$525 (Sold)available as print

Better Hurry Home

18x24  Pastel

$925( SOLD) available as print

East Willow Passage

18x24 Pastel

$1075 (SOLD)available as print

Up On a Roof

9 x 12 Pastel

$625 (Sold, available as a print)


Old Ranch Hand

11x14 Pastel


Passage to Glory

16x 20 oil

 SOLD- available as print

East Willow Gold

11x14 pastel

 (sold) available as print

A Little Piece of Heaven

18x24 Pastel 

SOLD available as print

Twilight Time

18x24 oil on canvas

$950 (SOLD) available as print


12x24 pastel (sold, Available as a print)